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Tooth Whitening (bleaching)

Teeth are porous and look similar to a sponge under a microscope. With time the foods and habits that we have tend to clog these pores and create a darkening on the surface of the tooth. Habits such as smoking can also contribute to a darkened appearance.

To whiten these surface stains the application of a topical bleaching agent, typically a peroxide based material, is placed on the teeth for a period of time which essentially causes the pores to open up again.

Realizing this fact, your teeth cannot be made whiter that they originally were with any of the bleaching agents.

Often the white teeth of actors or supermodels are actually veneers and not bleached teeth.
There are also conditions that occur while teeth are developing which stains the tooth from the inside and surface bleaching will not create much improvement.

Most patients with realistic expectations are happy with their results from tooth whitening.