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Problems with Dentures


Many people believe that their dental problems will be over if they simply have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Instead, as most denture wearers will tell you, getting dentures can mark the beginning of many new problems.

The first is eating takes much longer because you can only apply about 15% to 20% of normal force when chewing with dentures. They also make many foods more difficult to eat. Tasting food can also be more difficult since the dentures cover many of the taste buds in your mouth.

Patients often tell us their lower dentures “float around”. This is because your tongue is a strong muscle and dislodges the denture. Gagging is a typical complaint with the upper dentures and people with a strong gag reflex find them impossible to wear.

When you add up all the costs, dentures can end up being more expensive that the treatment to save your natural teeth. Many patients are electing to get implants placed to increase retention for their dentures.

Others choose to have full mouth rehabilitation with implants and crowns to regain almost all of their bite force.